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Hero animation


web design - webflow development - photography
We are a creative studio crafting unique visual content to empower people and brands.


Design animation
Website design (showcase or e-commerce)
Webflow development
Brand strategy
UX/UI design
Visual design
Motion/3D design
Graphic design
Art direction
Information architecture
SEO optimization
Maintenance training
Full-day or half-day photo shoots (single-shooter)
Professional camera and lens kits
Professional lighting setup
Photo editing, color correction and retouching
Photo library hosting with full usage rights
Photo metadata to SEO best practices
Photo animation

"Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated".

Paul Rand, Graphic Designer


hhart is a creative studio founded in 2020 by Loïc Ehrard, currently based in Brussels, BE. Our goal is to help businesses thrive by offering sleek websites and beautiful photography. We connect logic to creativity so our clients can find sense and identity. Our style is carefully crafted with an eye for geometry and minimal aesthetics. We work from anywhere, anytime because we love to explore, experience and share. It offers us the opportunity to collaborate with the best minds, but also to go our own way.

Design, Dev and Photography


STEP#001 Brief
We'll ask you to send us the following info:
What you want to build;
What's the business goal;
Who is the target audience;
What's the desired look and feel;
Which features you need;
What's the timeframe and deadline;
Other website examples you like.
STEP#002 Assessment
We'll take a closer look at your brief and assess whether or not the project meets the conditions of both parties. If there's a match, we'll send you a proposal and set up an online meeting to review it with you. If you accept the proposal, we'll then ask you to sign a legal contract describing the mission in order to confirm our agreement.
STEP#003 Design
We'll ask you to send us all your available content (images, text, illustrations...) or anything that will help with the design of your website. Then we'll start the design of the entire website on Figma showcasing all pages (inc. visuals and content).
STEP#004 Development
Once the design and the art direction have been approved by both parties, we'll start developing the website on Webflow to make it real. We will update you regularly on the status of the development so you have a clear insight into the progress.
After the development is complete, we will add specific animations and make sure the website is responsive on all types of devices to enhance the navigation experience. We will also fix any remaining bugs.
STEP#006 launch
Once we get your final approval, we will publish your new live website to your domain. We will train you on how to update and maintain your website (which includes the CMS). We will also discuss any potential requests you might have about future maintenance or additional services.


Our web design tool, perfectly suited to show you how your future website will look like to the last pixel.
Our web development magic weapon, whose mission is to bring your new website to life.
Our favorite photo editing tool which allows us to easily store, manage and enhance your photos.


Flexible Design
Say goodbye to limitations. We are able to design pixel perfect pages that meet your criteria as well as creating interactions & animations you will love.
Effortless Maintenance
We set up a CMS for your publishing needs, empowering you to update your site without a developer.
Lightning Fast & SEO Friendly
Webflow uses the combination of high performance hosting with AWS and clean semantic code to deliver out of this world loading times & SEO.
High-End Customization
From beautiful landing pages to custom e-commerce experiences and even complex membership platforms, we say yes.



Ideal for a one-person business in need of building a simple, short landing page or a micro-site.

From 1499€*

1-2 Pages
Project Brief & Assessment
Development Based on Template
1 Round of Revisions
SEO Setup & Implementation
Webflow Training & Support


Ideal for most small local businesses in need of building a standard but beautiful website without compromising on its quality.

From 3499€*

2-1O Pages
Project Brief & Assessment
Design + Development
3 Rounds of Revisions
SEO Setup & Implementation
Standard CMS Implementation
Standard Interactions & Animations
Webflow Training & Support


Ideal for medium businesses that require e-commerce websites, advanced features & designs, complex animations & interactions.

From 6999€*

> 1O Pages
Project Brief & Assessment
Design + Development
Unlimited Revisions
SEO Setup & Implementation
Advanced CMS Implementation
Highly Custom Interactions & Animations
E-commerce & Membership Implementation
Third-Party Integrations
Webflow Training & Support
* All pricing packages can be cutomized.

Half Day Shoot

Single shooter
RAW format shooting
Web sized + high resolution photographs
20 - 60 edited and retouched images
Private photo library access with full usage rights

From 299€*


Full Day Shoot

Single shooter
RAW format shooting
Web sized + high resolution photographs
60 - 200 edited and retouched images
Private photo library access with full usage rights

From 699€*

* Prices might vary with travel and project needs (type of work, lighting setup, post production etc).



Do you do web design or web development?

We do both! Most of the times we take projects from design in Figma to development in Webflow. However, if you have a Figma file that needs to be built in Webflow, or simply need us to design your website in Figma and your team will handle development, that's fine too.

Can you explain in more detail what is Webflow?

Webflow a powerful visual front-end development tool that allows websites to be created from scratch. It writes SEO friendly clean code and allows custom code to be added. This is by far the most versatile website development tool on the market now. It has been growing exponentially since its creation in 2013. For us, this is a no brainer: it's fast, dynamic and amazing.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are designed to be both fair and convenient for our clients. We follow a 50% - 50% payment plan, with the initial 50% due upon the beginning of the project as a deposit, and the remaining 50% due upon project completion and client satisfaction. This structure ensures that both parties are committed to the project, while also providing a sense of security and trust throughout the process.

Is there any extra cost involved?

There are no extra costs involved apart from the Webflow hosting and any third party you'd like to add to your website. You will be able to update most of the content of your website, including text and images, plus you'll be able to create new blog articles, case studies, news, or anything that belongs to the content management system (CMS). However, if you're looking to alter the layout of a given section or page, or create a new static page, we can help you with that. We offer tailored maintenance packages to our clients for their specific needs.

How long does it take to create killer websites like this one?

Depends on requirements and scope, but typically micro sites take ~1 week and premium sites 3-4 months (from design to launch). Of course, the complexity of the project, how responsive is your team to provide feedback or the amount of revisions that we need to spend on a given concept could affect the timeframes by increasing or decreasing its time.

Do you work with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace?

Nope. We are a Webflow exclusive studio. We are Webflow masters and we know how to design and build amazing websites using Webflow. Also, we can migrate your existing website from any platform to Webflow.

Do you work with other agencies?

Yes, we do! We have ongoing partnerships with a network of design & development superstars across the globe.

Can you tell me more about the type of work you target as a photographer?

We offer professional photography shootings as well as short videos to support your brand. It could be portrait, commercial (corporate, group, event...) or artistic.

Can you come to my place for the shooting?

Of course, we can evaluate whether or not travel is required.

Why did you choose those bloody colors for your website?

Because we love red and black, to us it's the most powerful combination of colors associated with strong passion and emotion. And no, we are not vampires.


Gavin Strickland, Owner
Café Floréo

Professional & reactive with a quick turnaround for 2 different photo shoots - a pleasure to have worked with Loïc & would do so again without hesitation!


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